In September 2019, the Commercial Acceleration consultancy, by the incorporator Fabicio Magayevski, and the Dutra Business Management consultancy, by the partners Vinícius Martins Dutra and Tássia Warken da Rosa, have formalized a partnership to jointly develop and serve the clients business.

The Trade Acceleration company will be from now a strategic arm to sales and marketing consulting, planning and training to all integral companies and their clients from Dutra Method.

Get to know more about the business:

The Trade Acceleration company works on sales and marketing consultancy and training with high impact in the clients’ business. Its adviser is the incorporator Fabicio Magayevski, who is Master in management and business, postgraduate in Strategic Marketing and owns a course in sales and marketing, lectured in the United States of America (University of California San Diego) and French (University of Poitiers). Now, after this academic journey, he is graduate in advertising and works in the whole country, Brazil, as sales and marketing consultant.

The Dutra Business Management offers administration consultancy to companies, what makes them included in important projects and process to the business success by planning, organizing, controlling and systemic, critical and entrepreneurial thinking. The clients have strong support whereby Dutra Business Management to define strategies, as well as to implement control ways, financial analysis and a variety of others activities. In this way we have created a proper environment to constantly get better.

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